How to modify your website layout

In this tutorial, we will provide you the simple steps to modify your website layout using RVsiteBuilder.

Let Get Started! Shall We?

Well, to get started to modify your website layout template using RVSiteBuilder, first you need to login to your cPanel account and then follow this guide, Step by step:

1. Click on the ‘RVSiteBuilder’ icon, which can be found in the Software/Services section of your cPanel home screen.

2. Select the site you wish to edit from the ‘Edit Existing Site’ drop down.

3. Click on the ‘Step 3’ icon.

4. You can now modify the layout template in the following ways:

a) Change the background colour.

b) Change the picture.

c) Alter the positioning and resolution of the template.

d) Change the font.

e) Move your company name and/or slogan.

Note: When you make any changes the template will be automatically updated for you to preview.

5. When you have made all your modifications click ‘Save’

Note: Any time you make changes to your website, remember that you need to publish it for the changes to take effect on the internet.

6. Click ‘STEP 7’

7. Select the correct domain and click ‘Publish’
That’s it! Now you can see the site layout modification live.

We hope you find this tutorial about modifying your website layout template using RVSiteBuilder useful for you and your business.

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