Formating your website text

In this tutorial we will provide you information on how to format your website texts. Follow the steps, then you are on the right path.

Let’s get started ! Shall we ?

To format text, first you need to login to your cPanel account and then follow this guide.

1. Click the ‘RVSiteBuilder’ icon, which can be found in the Software/Services section of your cPanel home screen.

2. From the ‘Edit existing site’ drop down, select the site you wish to edit.

3. Click the ‘Edit’ button to load the site.

4. Click the ‘STEP 5’ icon.

5. Click the ‘WYSWYG’ icon for the page you wish to edit.

6. To add new text to the page, place your cursor in the required location and begin typing.

7. To format the text, first click to highlight it.

8. You then have the following options to format your text.

a) Select a style from the ‘Style’ drop down, these include headings, borders and background colours.

b) Select a font from the ‘Font’ drop down to change the font for the highlighted text.

c) Change the size of the text, by selecting an option from the ‘Size’ drop down.

d) You can make the font bold, italic and underline it, by clicking BI or U

e) You can change the text colour and highlight it with a coloured background.

9. Click the ‘Save’ button when you have completed your changes.

Note: Any time you make changes to your website, remember that you need to publish it for the changes to take effect on the internet.

10. Click ‘STEP 7’

11. Select the correct domain and click ‘Publish’

That’s it. We hope this tutorial regarding formating website text usefull for you.



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